Self-help audio books have been silently tuning up the minds of people around the world for many years. These days, superfast technologies allow you to comfortably download audio books within minutes and start your self-help audio books “mind massage” on the double.

That is if you’ve paid attention to the food-for-thought your mind’s been grabbing and chewing on from what’s out there.

Do you think many people take notice about what gets into their minds? And do you think many of them take control of how their mind processes it towards a better outcome?

That’s where self-help audio books play a significant role. Because they can provide you, the listener, with better-quality input and how-to ideas to overcoming challenges. You just simply never know what new doors open when you download MP3 audio books with better food for your thoughts.

After all, the mind is the single most significant cause in shaping who you are and what you do as an individual.

If your mind is overall upbeat and resourceful, you have the core building blocks to becoming an “improved you” as opposed to having a widespread down-the-slumps thinking.

In contrast, a negative-mind environment unnecessarily increases the likelihood of you spending mega efforts on doing anything in life. Analyzing the lives of some of the most notorious people in the world reveals that they always fed their minds with negative thoughts.

You’ve heard this probably million times, haven’t you?

When you look around at examples of successful people today you’ll notice they’ve taken a good chunk of time to work on improving their minds. Scores of them have used any help they could put their paws on. Self-help audio books recordings are among them.

The question that pops up is this: “Are we born with positive or negative minds?”

What’s your answer to that question?

Research suggests that we develop our minds by what we feed them with. Stuffing “the negative” into our minds repeatedly results in cultivating negative views and eventually negative actions.
So, if you want to build creative ideas and views, it simply makes sense to always seek and get the right information into your mind.

The most common way to do this is to select the right books to read.

Sadly, though, who’s got the time today to read lots of books regularly?

We barely have the time to read the newspapers and magazines while gulping down our breakfast, lunch or supper. And guess what? Most newspapers only end up giving us bad-‘n-sad news that further swells up a negative state of mind.

So, are you up to getting positive and helpful information without having to scrape extra time to do that?

Look into the self-help audio books. They are popular because they are helpful and they fit people’s schedules without radical adjustments.

Today, you can enjoy instant benefits of downloadable MP3 audio books while exercising, commuting to your work.

What titles of self-help audio books would be suitable to start with?
To give you a jump start, take a look at the 7 captivating titles below.


“And Never Stop Dancing” … by Gordon Livingston, MD

Dr. Gordon Livingston’s national bestseller, Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, has drawn tens of thousands of readers who have embraced its thirty bedrock truths about life and how best to live it. Now, in And Never Stop Dancing, Dr. Livingston–a Vietnam War veteran, psychiatrist, and parent twice bereaved–offers thirty more true things you need to know now.


“Awaken Your Heart At Work” … by Jack Canfield

Bestselling author Jack Canfield helps you uncover new heights of productivity, success and fulfillment at work.


“Boosting Your Confidence” … by Andrew Johnson

If you feel like you need more self confidence in life, then this may be the self-help audio book for you.


“Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” … by Susan Jeffers

Susan Jeffers’ bestselling guide to changing your life. What is stopping you from being the person you want to be and living your life the way you want to live it?


“A Guide To Humor And Laughter” … by Andy Guides

Have you ever dreamed of being the life of the party? Having everyone hang on your words and laugh at your jokes-every time? Or are you feeling stressed out and need to unwind?


“How To Win Friends & Influence People” … by Dale Carnegie

For over 60 years the rock-solid, time-tested advice in this MP3 audio book has carried thousands of now-famous people up the ladder of success in their business and personal lives.


“How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less” … by Milo O. Frank

You can get your point across in 30 seconds. Media research proves it. Television commercials capitalize on it. People are only able to give their full, undivided attention in 30 seconds. Learn more about how you can do it, too.

Check out any or all of these self-help audio books online and experience the positive transformation MP3 audio books in the self-help field have. To download audio books with ease, the help page shows you how.