There are many celebrities these days drinking the black stuff including actress Gwyneth Paltrow, however should women drink Guinness and more importantly do they know how to drink Guinness? It has appeared in the past a pub in Limerick would not let women join in with a tasting session for the drink, instead stating Guinness was for men only. When questioned regarding this matter they stated this time they were only sampling male drinkers, however it does pose the question how many women are actually drinking the stuff?

Research shows Guinness is actually good for you and is very popular among pregnant women. Guinness may prevent heart clots that raise the risk of heart attacks. It is also alleged to be high in iron, therefore helping pregnant women. With the UK having a big market for the black stuff, Nigeria in Africa have the second biggest market for Guinness. This may seem heard to believe as a large population live below the poverty line. However even those below the poverty line will spend their money on a pint of Guinness!

Recently celebrities such as Gemma Atkinson have been pictured drinking Guinness but WITHOUT letting the head settle on their pint. This is a major no-no when it comes to drinking Guinness. It is vital girls who drink Guinness actually know how to drink their pint. Women drinking Guinness is apparently one of the biggest turn-offs when it comes to going on a date, stating girls drinking Guinness is a bit too manly.

So as it seems men do not like women drinking Guinness. Is this just another one of their ‘man things’ us girls aren’t supposed to be a part of? Who knows? All we know is Guinness IS popular among women pregnant or not, celebrity or poverty stricken, man or woman, who cares? If it makes you feel good and you drink responsibly who are men to object! If you type ‘women drinking Guinness’ into Google you will find a beauty of girls drinking the black stuff and so be it. Enjoy girls!

Guinness Facts

Employs around 12,500 people worldwide.
Brews its brands in around 50 countries.
Sells its beers in more than 150 countries.
Is one of the world’s largest brewers, measured both by operating profit and by volume.
Produces the world’s most distinctive and widely distributed beer – GUINNESS Stout.
Has an 80 per cent share of the global stout market.
Has a unique portfolio of national and also international premium brands.

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