The carrot is a vegetable that is popular with most people as it has a sweet taste and is crunchy. It is highly regarded for both its nutritional and medical values. It is especially rich in vitamin A (beta carotene) which is easily assimilated in the body.

Health Benefits of Carrot:

1) The orange colour in carrot is derived from the presence of carotene in this vegetable. It is the anti-oxidant property of beta-carotene that helps to protect the body against cardiovascular disease and cancer.

2) It is good for eyesight especially night vision. It also provides protection against macular degeneration and cataract formation in older people.

3) Carrot juice acts as an appetizer and it stimulates the production of digestive juices. It also helps to relieve stress and fatigue.

4) Carrot helps to regulate blood sugar levels in our body. The carotenoids in carrot inversely affect insulin resistance, hence lowering blood sugar

5) A woman who eats carrot regularly usually has a more regular menstrual cycle and is less prone to menstrual cramps and fatigue. Apparently carrot enhances the quality of breast milk, hence it should be included as part of a nursing mother’s diet.

6) The high fiber in carrot helps with the digestion process and improves overall digestive health. Carrot juice combined with spinach juice is a remedy for constipation.

7) Eating carrot or drinking its juice on a regular basis can help improve the appearance of your hair, skin and nails.

8) Chinese medical practitioners recommend eating carrots to give your liver more energy. It is also beneficial to the stomach and spleen.

9) Carrot soup is known to be an effective home remedy for diarrhea. It replenishes fluid in the body and the pectin in carrot lines the intestines to alleviate inflammation. It also slows down the growth of bacteria and stops vomiting.

10) Chewing carrot after a meal helps to get rid of food particles stuck in between teeth. As carrot has antiseptic properties, it helps kill germs in the mouth, thereby preventing tooth decay.

Since carrot has so many health benefits, you should always aim to have it as part of your daily diet. You can consume it as a juice by itself, eat it raw as in a salad or simply boil them. With so many healthy and delicious recipes with carrot as the main ingredient, there is no excuse for not eating carrot every day.

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