Billy Blanks will sculpt and tone your body unlike any other! Not only will you lose weight but learn martial arts and boxing in the process! In the late 1990’s, Tae Bo experienced an incredible upsurge in popularity, and this wave of popularity has continued into 2011. It might seem tempting to dismiss this workout as an exercise fad, but it truly does contain numerous health benefits for those who practice it regularly. In its most basic definition, Tae Bo incorporates a blend of martial arts and boxing, with a few dance moves thrown in. The goal of this workout system is to provide an individual with a workout that will burn fat, assist the user in losing weight, and to teach self-defense techniques. The numerous benefits include:

1) Building and Toning – This work out specifically targets three different areas of the body: the upper body, the thighs and derriere, and the core abdominal muscles, like the spinal erectors and obliques. There is particular emphasis placed upon the development of the core abdominal muscles, because these are the muscles that provide the human body’s primary source of strength on a daily basis. In increasing one’s functional strength, the overall condition of the body improves.

2) Cardiovascular Workout – The cardiovascular workout that Tae Bo provides has been well documented in the medical community. The benefits of a cardiovascular workout are wide ranging, from the lowering of high blood pressure to a reduction in the chance that one will encounter a heart attack or stroke. Most of the cardiovascular workout in Tae Bo comes from the dance steps that are interspersed amongst the martial art work out.

3) Weight Loss – The most obvious benefit of regularly engaging in this workout is weight loss. One study by Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, Tennessee, suggested that those who participate in Tae Bo burn an average of 500-800 calories per hour, while those who engage in traditional aerobics generally burn between 300-400. When combined with a sensible diet, the regular practice of Tae Bo can result in significant weight loss in obese individuals.

4) Convenience – Another contributing cause (and benefit!) of Tae Bo is convenience. The practice of it may be performed in a gym, but it can also be performed in the comfort on one’s own home. When a participant is working from home, then he or she can set the pace of their workouts. Moreover, aside from an instructional DVD, practicing Tae Bo at home does not require the use of additional machinery or equipment.

Losing weight quickly and safely should always be the main goal.

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