Tell me that it wasn’t you in the red Chevy tonight.  Tell me that you would not watch me stand 10 feet away from the car you were in with that female stranger and not acknowledge your Auntie.  And what in the world would make you feel that was OK to do.  What have you done with your life that you think I would be in such disapproval that you would ignore my presence?

My mind is going back 32 years ago when at the age of 17 years old I watched my sister bring home her first child.  My only sister and now my only niece and I was the very proud aunt.  I watched my niece grow and I thought that throughout the years that I had influenced her in a positive way.   Man she was the smartest person that I knew and I was always so proud of her.  Until tonight!  I would never think that she would just blatantly turn her face away from me while I stood like a fool in the parking lot of the donut shop.  Why Why Why is all I keep asking myself.  Maybe embarrassment of being caught doing something that she didn’t want known?  I never experienced the disappointment that I did tonight.  I am not sure other than write this article what else I will do.

This article is about the risk of loving.  It is about giving to another person and getting disrespect in return.  One wonders how a person could walk around with resentment and anger toward another never allowing them self to confront the issues.  Only to let the discontent towards the person explode into what can turn into hate.  The ironic thing about it all is that the person that the anger is directed at sometimes never is even aware of it.  Until some subtle incident where it is extremely obvious but yet not understood.  It is about not being able to trust enough to be honest; it is about not loving enough to tell the truth.

I will decide to put this special person that has hurt me into God’s care and hope that the decisions will be ones that will not result in the destruction of self.  I will pray that whatever resentments that are so buried very deep inside will find a way to surface and one day resolve.  Life is really a blink and nobody can waste a second of their life on such anger that destroys a lifetime of love.