If you live in an apartment, or you do not have the ability, space or time to grow and care for full grown fruit trees you may want to try your hand at indoor gardening by growing some indoor fruit trees. Many fruits can be grown indoors. The most popular are the citrus fruits, such as lime, lemon and orange, however you can also grow other fruits, such as grapes, indoors as well.

Dwarf citrus trees are fairly easy to grow inside, although they do require lots of direct sunlight. Make sure you have a sunny, sheltered location indoors that receives lots of sun throughout the day. A sun-room is perfect for this. The temperature also needs to be stable all the year round if you want to be able to actually eat the fruit. If the temperature is not warm enough, the fruit will be sour thus you may need to add additional heating to a cooler room during the winter months, especially if the room has a lot of windows or is drafty.

Buy your trees from a nursery. You should be able to get one that is already a couple of years old. They are easier to care for and hardier if they are a little older. Also, be sure that the tree you buy is the dwarf variety.

They grow well in soil that drains easily. They need to be watered often but the soil should not remain wet. You can tell if a plant is being watered too much; the leaves will begin to turn yellow on the ends.

As the trees are grown indoors you will have to cross pollinate the flowers in order for the fruit to form. You can do this by using a small paintbrush, simply brush the stamens of the open flowers one after the other and you will have successfully pollinated your fruit tree.

Watch out for pests. Spider mites and mealy bugs love the citrus leaves, so keep an eye on your plant. You can spray with insecticide to prevent this, or there are natural ways of dealing with these pests as well that is fairly easy to take care of when it is a small indoor plant.

While it does take a little care and time to see a dwarf fruit tree grow to fruition, it is enjoyable and fun to see it reach full maturity and begin bearing edible fruit.