The Vitalizer Plus machine is a hexagonal water generating device that provides its owners with fresh hexagonal water to drink or use as preferred. Because I’ve been using the Vitalizer Plus for over a year now, I will provide a brief review of the Vitalizer Plus based on my experiences along with a review of how it works, similar to a detailed Vitalizer Plus manual.

When it comes to using the Vitalizer Plus, I found that for me it was easier to start with the lower cycle setting (9 minutes) and work myself up to the 18 and 27 minute cycle times. This was mainly because I knew that the hexagonal water from the Vitalizer Plus machine is very good detoxifying water for a natural body cleanse, and I just wanted to work my body gradually up towards the stronger more thoroughly cleansing longer cycle times.

I am very pleased with regards to how it works and how easy it is to operate and use the Vitalizer Plus. To be honest you don’t even need a Vitalizer Plus manual, you just simply pour the filtered water into the pitcher, select the preferred cycle time, and turn the machine on. There is a display which will let you know how much longer until the water is hexagonally structured and prepared, and once the cycle is finished the machine automatically stops.

I’ve found that its best to keep the vitalized water in a cool place or in the refrigerator, but that is just a personal preference for me as I enjoy chilled drinking water. Additionally, I love how you never have to worry about when to change the Vitalizer Plus mineral cube because the machine itself will let you know when its time to change the cube with a “cc” displayed message meaning “change cube.” Actually my mineral cube lasted for about 10 months before I had to change it, and I use it daily so one cube can last for a very long time.

Its also worth noting that the vitalized water has been scientifically linked to and associated with many health benefits for those who drink it, and from my personal experiences I’ve found that indeed I feel healthier, more refreshed, stronger and less susceptible to colds and the flu. I’ve been around many friends who have colds and even fever but I haven’t caught anything and I’m feeling great.

To conclude my review I’m very happy with my Vitalizer Plus machine and I hope that through this review I have clarified some questions you may have had and provided you with some helpful information.

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