With the prospect of drought conditions as severe as the dust bowls of the 1930’s this summer and with the current water troubles in Flint Michigan, Tampa, Florida and so many other areas in the United States it is imperative that the Biden Administration’s infrastructure plan’s first priority is clean fresh water transfer systems to fill aquifers that have been depleted especially in the Mid-West. This, so that in the event that there is severe drought conditions the effects would be greatly reduced. It is these water transfer systems much like the oil pipeline in Alaska that would ensure enough clean fresh water from areas that receive enough rainfall or snow runoff be available to drought affected regions across the United States. If we can build transfer systems for oil we sure as hell can do it for fresh clean water.

If we fail to deliver and take care of this nations fresh water woes no amount of stimulus payments will ever be enough to overcome the horrific consequences of not providing enough clean fresh water for everyone and every area all across the United States. What happened in Flint Michigan and just recently in Tampa, Florida are typical examples of gross negligence, no accountability, and outright incompetence. It really shouldn’t take a foreboding forecast of catastrophes yet to come or current crisis escalating before these things turn into full blown monumental disasters. Yet, we do it all the time before we act. And,,by that time all we do respond it is always with too little and too late with our response.

Water, Water everywhere none to drink and none to spare. Just think of all the things we take water for granted today, like turning on the faucet or even flushing the toilet. Sad to say we are so sure that these things we do each and every day will always be available. Just ask the millions who are still suffering in the aftermath of deadly hurricanes, tornados and man’s screw ups. When we take into consideration of all are modern convinces we have today we continue to over look the most precious recourse this planet has. The access to reliable clean drinking water we constantly and really do take for granted.

For over six months of every year the United States faces all kinds of natures threats. Form past summers droughts and raging forest fires, this springs tornadoes, and the forecast for more hurricanes are all constant reminders of how fragile and vulnerable our infrastructure really is. With today’s reality new and more frequent threats from weather related cycles and now from our ingenious endeavors at developing more sinister weapons of warfare keep this nation at the very focal point where the impact of just one disaster would put the United States in harms way. That is until we address and implement much needed measures that will stave off the Grim Reaper of destruction.

What everyone should realize is that our tap water, we all take for granted, whenever we turn on the faucet clean fresh water will flow. But, in most of our history it wasn’t always so. And, now today all across the country our tap water is slowly and methodically being polluted and wasted. In most cities and towns in every state what is pouring out of faucets is not what we think it is. In other words, the nations drinking water, the availability of safe clean water faces serious threats from sources that are less obvious than the natural disasters that keep hitting America.

One of the most concerning is our nations infrastructure. Many don’t even know that over 15% of all public water is lost through leaks. It is estimated that major pipe bursts occur at a rate of over one every minute somewhere in the country. In Washington D.C. major pipe bursts occur every day. That’s in our nations capital! What is so alarming is that some water pipe lines were built over 150 years ago. The fly in the buttermilk is that to repair and update the nations water supply lines to standards that will withstand major disasters and effectively eliminate the pollutants that are now infecting our water will cost over $400 billion. If we wait until another hurricane like Katrina or Sandy to hit the cost will more than double. That’s not even counting all the other costs that would arise out of the other contingencies that are associated with polluted water, like Cholera, Dysentery and a whole slew of other life threatening diseases born out of infected polluted water.

So far our most benevolent “Wizards” on Capital Hill have done nothing to address the serious nature of life’s most precious resource. The United States is actually financially starving our water supply and has been doing so for years. With our budget conscious leaders of state have put monetary concerns and constraints above the safety and health of the very people they are supposed to represent. It really isn’t surprising because so many of us don’t even think about water until a pipe bursts and our faucets run dry. The attitudes that have and continue to prevail is that any repair is cheap and a continued refusal to pay the actual costs are only further compounding this ongoing crisis.

Today, our water supply is now fast becoming contaminated with compounds that didn’t exist until just recently. Millions of people ingest more pharmaceutical products every day. From the way our for profit health care industry is millions more will be lured into consuming even more pharmaceutical products in months and years ahead. This may be a good time to reconsider Universal Health Care for all Americans to reduce the dependency on pharmaceuticals and rely on preventative measures instead.

It is known that when we consume anything whether it is food or drugs our bodies excrete residue into sewage systems and believe it or not many unused drugs are flushed right down the toilet. Ultimately this residue ends up in our water supply. In a recent study evidence of over 56 kinds of pharmaceuticals and more by products have been found in treated drinking water, including metropolitan areas that serve over 40 million people. These drugs by design change the bodies chemistry and now they pose substantial health risks for all the population. A very real and present danger lies in this nations water supply.

It is time to address this and implement upgrades in our water supply systems to meet the safeguards necessary so that in the event of another disaster the people of the United States would be assured of enough fresh safe drinking water. We also need to install a cross country water transfer system to transport water to areas that need it. An intercontinental water way and a reliable safe and secure water supply systems would restore this nations health and preserve our future.

With the advent of new technologies it is of quite urgency especially in the wake of this past hurricane season where millions were left without power or water our electric grid really does need an immediate upgrade. When our defense industry has developed more sinister weapons of destruction to invoke terror anywhere in the world we now have the capability to interrupt electric power to any given target anywhere across the globe. It is quite possible that others more diabolical could now use this same technology against America. Without power today is like doing without water. Both are essential now for life as we know it.

In an age of lightening fast Internet electric power is essential for without it is disastrous. What happened in the wake of all the past Hurricanes has to be a wake up call to immediately implement the energy solutions that are now beginning to power the third industrial revolution. Infrastructure investment now ensures our future.

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