Humans have put an astonishing amount of creativity into torture devices. For example, we came up with the rack, the heretic’s fork, the iron maiden, and the potato peeler.

Geneva Convention aside, I was subjected to the cruel and unusual punishment of the potato peeler as a child. Potato soup? That came out to about 20 minutes of arduous manual labor peeling potatoes over a garbage can. And for what? Lumpy mashed potatoes? That’s just wrong, and perhaps even inhumane.

Growing up, we didn’t have anything fancy like a potato ricer and we certainly didn’t have an automatic potato peeler. But if we did, it wouldn’t have been an industrial automatic potato peeler: a cart-like device that peels potatoes bags at a time. We also wouldn’t have had the electric countertop peeler that handily handles 20 pounds of taters and costs not quite half an arm and leg.

No we would have had the modest automatic potato peeler/apple peeler….in fact we did have this, but I lacked an astonishing amount of creativity and the internet as a child, so I never thought outside the box as it were. Grandma’s apple peeler stayed an apple peeler and I spent the rest of my childhood ecstatic at how simple the apple peeler made making apple pies.

Thankfully you don’t have to make the same mistake I did. Peel apples, peel potatoes, peel whatever you can think of. Decent automatic potato peelers start at around $20. Don’t succumb to torture. Get one.