A terracotta water filter system is one way to ensure the availability of good-tasting, fresh drinking water. We humans take water, H2O, for granted, yet it is everywhere – around us and in us. It makes up two-thirds of our weight. Therefore, it is important that we supply ourselves with sufficient amounts daily.

When we are dehydrated, that is to say without a sufficient amount of water in our body, we do not function at our best. For example, when we are even just a little dehydrated, we experience effects such as short-term memory difficulty, simple problem-solving difficulties and focusing our eyes. Symptoms of fatigue are often a sign of dehydration.

Every cell in our body requires water to function. Without it, cells would shut down and, consequently, every organ in our entire system would cease to function and maybe even die. When someone states that they are dying of thirst, it could very well happen!

Water lubricates our joints, maintains body temperature and metabolism. It is the basic element in blood, saliva, the lymphatic system and cerebral-spinal fluid. It assists the kidneys and intestines in toxin removal. Because of this, sufficient daily ingestion of pure, clean H2O helps ward off disease.

Pure, clean water is refreshing to the body, both inside and out, and in some cases can decrease a percentage of cancer risks. The catch is that what we drink must be completely free of contaminants. Since every type of industry has contributed in some way to pollution over the decades, several types of filters have appeared on the market.

When one thinks of their health, pure, clean H2O ought to be the primary consideration. Tap water in every city contains traces of chemicals such chlorine and fluoride. The accumulation of these elements can become damaging over time to the human body.

Bottled water, which was supposed to have been the perfect solution, turned out to be one of the worst offender in the final analysis. Chemicals not only leached out of the plastic, but the plastic itself has added enormous amounts of toxic, non-biodegradable waste into landfill sites.

Terracotta water filter systems are perhaps the perfect solution for cleaning up what we drink. These natural filters are formed from non-toxic products derived straight from the earth. Clay and terracotta have been used by mankind for millenniums for this purpose.

Terracotta has been molded and used for many things to suit humankind’s purpose such as pots, drinking vessels, musical instruments and filters. Some molding and pottery methods date back to Neolithic times and are still used today. This natural, earthen product is pleasant to work with, aesthetically pleasing and is beneficial to our health when used to filter and cool.

Terracotta, or clay filters are safe and economical. Some come equipped with silver filters to ensure sterilization and to eliminate the presence of bacteria, mold, chemicals and micro-organisms which are harmful to humans. The addition of carbon filters to the mix ensures good-tasting, odorless drinking H2O.

A terracotta water filter keeps fluids approximately 10-15 degrees cooler than ambient air temperatures, constituting a built-in bonus. This type of system is an efficient, attractive, inexpensive and dependable way to ensure that what we drink is pure, healthy and delicious tasting.