UPVC, un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride is a construction material that is loved because it does not suffer under damp climates as it is the case with wood. This material is widely used in constructing doors, windows, pipes and guttering. It is usually wrapped around a galvanized steel core in doors and windows offering you a durable and affordable glazing for your home.

UPVC has grown in popularity, especially now that it is possible to get different colors from the traditional white material for your doors and windows. You can actually have doors that have cherry or oak finish or wood grain finish using this material. But what really makes UPVC windows and doors much better in value for your home?

1. They are energy efficient

If there is anything that matters to most homeowners today is being energy efficient and this is what UPVC windows and doors offer. They have insulation properties that retain heat in your home during the colder months and cool air during hotter months. You therefore reduce carbon footprint and save money on bills when you have them installed in your home.

2. They offer enhanced fire safety

This is because the material is harder to ignite compared to wood and you therefore enjoy improved fire safety standards around your home.

3. They offer more comfort

This advantage goes hand in hand with the insulation properties. Draft proofing is also achieved when you have the doors and windows made from UPVC guaranteeing you high levels of comfort at any given time of the year. The temperatures remain perfect and comfortable regardless of the season.

4. They are lower in cost

Compared to wooden or aluminum frames, windows and doors made from this material are inexpensive. You can therefore enjoy the many benefits it has to offer without using much of your hard earned money. If you are working with a tight home construction budget, these windows and doors will save the day for you.

5. They offer reduced condensation and noise pollution

The fact that you can maintain warm temperatures on your window panes means that your home is protected from water vapor that causes problems such as dampness. The windows and doors also have a way of shutting out outdoor noise making your home more peaceful and enjoyable.

6. They are durable and low maintenance

UPVC does not warp or rot as it is the case with wooden frames. You therefore enjoy a more durable option for your home. On the other hand, since the doors and windows have a propensity to flake and rot, they demand very little attention offering you a low maintenance solution for your home.

7. They are versatile

Doors and windows that are made from UPVC are in a wide range of styles you can choose from to complement your home style. You will also find them in different colors and finishes, meaning you are not limited to a specific look. They are also aesthetically appealing meaning you enjoy all the benefits without compromising on the appearance of your doors or windows.