Porridge is good for my blood pressure and I eat it every morning. I tried several different recipes to make my porridge for breakfast but through trial and error, I have come up with how I like my porridge.

Before, I describe my method, you may have or want to try the following two methods of making your breakfast.

First method is to boil some water and add porridge oats to it and cook on low heat for about 15 minutes. You will end up with a glue like paste. You can add salt or sugar to give it some flavor. To be honest with you, after a few times, I hated making it this way. Not only was the taste awful, I had to allow half an hour to prepare and have breakfast. If you are rushing to get to work, especially after a late night, then 5 minutes maximum is what I normally allow for my breakfast.

Another method is a variation on first method but instead of water, you use milk. I bet you anything that you will not be able to convince others to eat porridge every day, made using either of these two methods.

Well, here is how I like to make my porridge and eat it every morning and I love it. I hope you will enjoy it too.

Take 50g of porridge oats and put them in a bowl that you are going to eat from and it safe to place in a microwave. Now add 150ml of semi-skimmed milk. Place the bowl in your microwave oven and heat it for exactly 90 seconds. By the way, you can vary quantity of oats and milk used as you start to get the hang of my favorite method.

When the time is up, remove the bowl from microwave oven and stir your porridge with a spoon that you are going to use to eat with. Here’s the best bit! Now add, another 100ml of cold milk and stir it in for a few seconds.

I don’t add anything else to my porridge, like sugar or salt, because they are not good for my blood pressure. I find the lukewarm milk and cooked porridge oats give a natural sweetness. But, we are all different and you might want to add an artificial sweetner or a tiny bit of sugar to make it extra sweet.

Now you can eat it with a spoon, preferably the one you used to stir the porridge with or you can actually drink it from the bowl. I like to drink it because tastes like milkshake but it would interesting to know what you think.

So how long was the preparation time? 2 minutes. How long will you need to eat or drink it? 2 minutes. Add a minute to wash the bowel and spoon and you are done in 5 minutes.

You should take 5 minutes every morning to have porridge the way I like it and soon you will love it too. I find that porridge without any salt or sugar is good for keeping my blood pressure levels steady.