In my forthcoming novel “The Rice Queen Spy” I fork out homage to a British Caucasian homosexual who put in his entire existence obtaining sexual encounters only with Asian adult men. In essence “No Caucasians require apply” was his motto. A rice queen is a Caucasian or a black gay man who is either partly or wholly devoted to Asian gentlemen. It is anything of a slangy term as is the time period potato queen which signifies an Asian guy fond of white gentlemen.
I have even listened to Asian men who were partial to black guys termed sweet potato queens or yam queens. Don’t blame me. This is all part of the argot of homosexual life. Homosexual terminology and slang have generally been a lively and promptly evolving characteristic of the homosexual sub-society.

Up until eventually the middle of the nineteen eighties, right before there was a nationwide crackdown, rice queens were being going to the Philippines in substantial figures. For fairly some many years now Thailand has been the favored spot for rice queens. Sex junkets to Thailand have been structured not only for homosexual guys but for substantial figures of straight males who are following feminine sexual intercourse partners. Usually sexual intercourse associates who are as well younger. A lot of homosexual Caucasians have moved forever to Thailand mainly because of the availability of sexual encounters with Thais.

Immediately after the Next Environment War Japan was a haven for rice queens. Then when the financial state improved markedly there was a slipping off of the availability of Japanese males for rice queens. Also in individuals early submit-war a long time there was nevertheless a excellent reverence for the elderly that’s why so numerous older Western gays felt so at home there. The youthful people’s compassionate mind-set toward seniors turned somewhat of a casualty to the youth society, Westernization and now globalization.

That qualified prospects to one particular summary. Many gay men turned or have been labeled rice queens simply because they went to Asian nations in which the economies and poverty compelled some of the men into the sexual intercourse trade. The Caucasian gays went to all those weak Asian nations due to the fact there was an availability and abundance of sexual intercourse associates. Not all Caucasian-Asian gay intercourse is economical, but a considerable part of it is.

But for a rice queen, why an Asian guy? A lot of explanations are presented: Asian adult males are less hairy, have smoother, silkier skin quite a few are more compact and significantly less daunting and threatening than white men they are far better, additional accommodating lovers they are normally keen to participate in a less than dominant position, be far more subservient to their Caucasian associates ascetically they are additional attractive if they do check with for cash usually it is for food purchases and to aid their family members simply because they are so terribly in require of financial help the gay Asian guys normally look a lot younger than they truly are you will find fewer b.s. with Asian guys, and on and on.

Some of it could be rationalization. Sex and sexual motivation is a typically a labyrinth and a maze of contradictions and obfuscations. It normally boils down to a uncomplicated “It feels fantastic to me.”

In my most recent novel, “The Daemon in Our Goals,” I dealt with the rice queen phenomenon, but in a somewhat tangential manner, and in my to start with novel, the terrorist thriller “9 Life Way too A lot of,” I dealt with it not at all. Even so in “The Rice Queen Spy” it is, in several methods, the central topic of the e book. It is what tends to make the hero tick, the motivating power in his existence. If you study the guide, you’ll see the truth of the matter to the assertion: there would be no Philip Croft (the hero) ended up it not for his rice queen persona. (For a complete dialogue of my novels, make sure you go to my website at

The entire-blooded rice queen will make no apologies for remaining a rice queen on the contrary he is happy of it and features about it. Lifelong loving interactions have been fashioned involving gay Caucasian and Asian gentlemen.

Normally what the rice queen encounters in Asia is the younger gentleman who is masquerading as homosexual for financial good reasons. 1 homosexual stripper club in Bangkok had over 30 straight adult males who had been entertaining and dating gay consumers. Their careers included a good deal of acting and role actively playing. There is even an casual school for hustlers to learn what to say and how to act and carry out. 1 detail they find out to do is to roll their tummies in what some individuals believe is a provocative fashion.
The rice queen typically could want to sort out the hustlers from those guys who are truly homosexual. The percentage or ratio of gays in the populations of Western nations around the world and Asian nations around the world is in all probability just about the very same.

From the nineteen eighties on in some of the Asian nations around the world in which there was a terrific offer of commercial intercourse and the commingling of Westerners with the indigenous population there has been a major epidemic of HIV/AIDS. The distribute of the condition has been acute between homosexual hustlers and their family members. This consequence of sexual activity was entirely unforeseen and devastating.

Due to the fact the first rice queen noticed his to start with adore object, this syndrome has been rising and enticing outsiders with concerns as to the that means of it all. The rationalization is genuinely uncomplicated. It is the want and want for one particular human staying to find appreciate, compassion, friendship, kinship and sexual gratification from a different human becoming. Adore tends to make the entire world go round, and, in the finish love will conquer all. The true rice queen is a lover, simple and basic.

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