The Philips HR1861 is a state-of-the-art small kitchen appliance designed to squeeze juice out of fruits and vegetables. Just one of a host of current juicers on the market, the Philips HR1861 is considered one of the higher end models currently on the market. Below we review the features included with the Philips HR1861. To see if this space-age machine is as advertised. This will help you determine if the Philips HR1861 is the right juicer to help keep your family living healthier every day.

Construction and Design

Constructed of stainless steel and featuring a smooth finish, the Philips HR1861 didn’t stain even after weeks of continuous use. A smaller juicer compared to many higher end models, we found it was easy to find space for this machine even in our smaller kitchen. This juicer is heavy though and elderly people and women of smaller stature are likely to find it difficult to pick up and move from place to place.

More Juice in Less Time

The Philips HR1681 comes with a nice filter that proved to be very durable and it was easy to take apart and clean in the dishwasher. We also found the volume of juice this machine could squeeze in the same amount of time was better than many higher-end juicers we have reviewed in the past.

Extra Large Volume of Fruits and Vegetables

The Philips HR1861 did allow us to push a very large amount of fruits and vegetables into the juicer at once, since it has a very large opening. We found that if we were in a hurry to get the job done, we could even skip slicing up the produce, before squeezing out the juice. You can fit whole fruits and vegetables of just about any size in this state-of-the-art juicer.

Tool to Help Clean

One of the most useful features of the Philips HR1861 is the innovative brush for cleaning the filter included with this juicer. Using this tool it was easy to remove pieces of vegetables and fruit after using this machine. We did however find it necessary to clean the juicer after each use, if sticking some types of vegetables and fruits into this modern wonder.

Plenty Power to Spare

This state-of-the-art juicer does come with a very powerful 700 watt motor we found provided more than enough power to squeeze the juice out of a very large volume of fruits and vegetables. The two different speeds of this juicer were also great for squeezing juice out of hard and soft fruits and vegetables. We also found the motor included to be very quiet during use and only as noisy as many average small kitchen appliances you already have in your kitchen.

Extra Large Containers

The Philips HR1861 comes with both an extra-large pulp and juice container that reduced the amount of time needed to get the job done. We found it unnecessary to take the containers out as often as it would be with low-end models and many higher end juicers as well.
Safety Features

The Philips HR1861 is a higher end model that includes a couple safety features sometimes not included with lower end and even some higher end models. Along the side of this juicer engineers have added safety clamps we were unable to attach unless all of the parts are properly assembled. This safety feature proved to be useful since the juicer will not work unless the clamps are in place and secure.

Turn the Philips HR1861 over and take a look at the small rubber pads on the bottom of this state-of-the-art juicer. These safety pads helped to keep this machine in place whenever squeezing juice out of any volume of fruits and vegetables at either of the two speeds included with this juicer.

The Final Word on the Philips HR1861

A great high-end juicer capable of squeezing an amazing volume of fruits and vegetables in less time than a large percentage of high-end juicers we have reviewed in the past. We found the juice coming out of this mean machine tasted wonderful every time, especially if you generally spend money on store bought juice in a container. If you need a high-end juicer in your small kitchen, the Philips HR1861 could be the model you need to take a look at. Drop by a store selling this amazing little juicer to see what you think. It could be just the machine you need to help your family living healthier every day of their lives.